Breeze Studio is run by Valerie Soleil, a free spirited soul born in Vienna, Austria. In 2021 Valerie made the decision to leave her law career behind and made a leap of faith to pursue her dream of starting her own lifestyle & art brand. Her goal was to help people on their individual growth journey and to create mental health awareness.

Valerie designs and illustrates everything to the last detail herself. Bringing joy and peace into people's everyday lives through sharing all the light and love she sees in this world is what she is striving to do. She's inspired by all colors of nature, the night sky and everything that feels like summer! 

In this very short period of time Breeze Studio has had the opportunity to build an amazing community of beautiful souls sharing love all around the world.

You can join Valerie on this exciting journey on Instagram or reach out to her at info@breezestudio.shop!


Valerie Soleil